6 Ideas To Decorate Room With Ceramic Vase

Ceramic vase is versatile stuff. Small and big vase size are useful to decorate room. Fake or fresh flower can be put there. If we like making decorative ornament, painting vase can be medium to express our art sense. Ceramic vase can come on various price, from cheap to extra expensive. Original ceramic vase from ancient China kingdom, such as Ming clan is very famous and expensive. To decoration purpose, vase with affordable price is enough to make beautiful room. Six vase decoration ideas below will explain how to beautify room with ceramic vase.

Vase Decoration Ideas

First idea is using empty big vase. This vase is good to be put on corner or to fulfill certain space on a room, such as under window, near cabinet, beside sofa and so on. This big vase can be stand alone decoration element. Make sure to place on the right way, flat floor surface to avoid it from falling possibility. Or we can put stone inside it to make it more stable.

Large Vase Decoration Ideas

Second idea is putting several small ceramic vases on glass cabinet, table console, bookshelves and so on. This are good vase decoration ideas. Small pretty decorative vases on glass cabinet can be seen from outside, it can be good alternative for decoration with artwork.

Do Old Flower Vases

Third idea is putting fresh flower arrangement or plants into it. These are common vase decoration ideas. It can be put anywhere to make fresh room. For more practice, fake flower and plant are alternative. It will spend less effort and time to maintain.

Fourth idea is decorating this vase with acrylic paint. Give pattern, texture or paint with certain object if we can do it. Acrylic paint is widely used to paint vase. It is also often used by painters to paint on canvas.

Fifth idea is big vase as floor vase. Different with first idea, this vase is selected with lower size, so inside vase can be seen from outside. Pour beach sand, white stone and clam into it. Now, it will be more interesting.

Sixth idea is decorating it with lamp. It is good for party purpose. On this vase body, install tents small lamps with bright light. It will bring cheerful atmosphere.

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