6 Ideas To Decorate Deck

Deck as home exterior element, undoubtedly can beautify and increase value of a home. This deck design both wood and stone deck designs can be decorated in many ways use several elements to make it more cheerful. Sitting here on shady weather while reading book, magazine and drinking coffee is very pleasant. Try to decorate it to make it become dream deck at home. First idea is rug. Rug can be install under table. Besides to protect this wood surface from table legs, rug presence will improve its beauty. Rug is tend to trap dust, so this rug must be cleaned every time.

Wood And Stone Deck Designs

Both wood and stone deck designs will need pillow to decorate chairs there. It’s not only to decorate it, more than that, it can improve comfort sitting on these chairs. Soft pillow with bright color is good choice. Pillow cover with red, blue or green are very attractive to be installed on this outdoor furniture. If looking for pillow cover, select fabric type that is not easy to be dirty.

Wood Deck Design Pictures

To make these wood and stone deck designs become more exotic, candle is next element to be choice. Remember than on outdoor, wind blow faster than on indoor, so these candles have to protect with glass box. Decorative glass box can good choice. Drinking coffee with our couple here with these light candles is very romantic. Don’t be monotonous when choosing candle. Red, green and blue candle colors are better than white candle.

Wood Deck Plans

Sitting here under bright sky is felt hot. So, big umbrella should be installed here as additionally element. It will transform these wood and stone deck designs become like café. It’s fit for day and night. On the day to protect from hot sun light and on the night to create café atmosphere. It will impress our guests and friends when they come in. To create freshness, green plants, flowers and dwarf fruits plants are good to be put here. Last idea, if we want to feel sensation such as sailing on the ship, install flag on the deck corner can be tried.

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