6 Ideas How To Use Ladder Rack

Rack in ladder style is more unique than rack in ordinary shape, such as rack on bookshelves or rack on kitchen. Rack on ladder style is more unique, concise and portable. It can move from one place to another place easier than other rack type. Besides that, this rack type is flexible. It can be used to put anything. A ladder magazine rack can be used to organize magazine or newspaper, but this ladder rack design can also be functioned for organizing other stuffs. There are several ideas of this ladder rack.

Ladder Magazine Rack

First function is for organizing magazine and newspaper. This ladder magazine rack can be put on bedroom or family room. If this ladder rack has only two legs, it must be lied down on the wall. But if this ladder rack has four legs, it can stand by it self. Ladder rack with four legs can come in triangular or rectangle shape. Usually this ladder rack is used from wood.

Ladder Magazine Rack Home

Besides for organizing magazine on ladder magazine rack, this second function of ladder rack is to put towel and other bathroom stuffs, such as soap, shampoo and fragrance. It’s simple. It will not spend spacious area. Third function of ladder rack is for organizing shoe. It can be such as shoe rack. We can put on bedroom or outside bedroom. Fourth function of ladder rack is dish rack on kitchen. Here some kitchen appliances such as dish, fork, spoon, basin, pan and so on can be put here. To make stronger this ladder rack construction, it can be nailed with wall.

Teak Magazine Rack

Fifth function of ladder rack is for growing plant on garden. Kind of vine plant is fit to be growth on this ladder rack. Just lie down this ladder rack on the wall, and this vine plant will grow up. Sixth function ladder rack is for hanging photo. Several family photos with good frame can be more artistic if hanged here.

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