6 Characters Of Million Dollar Homes

We sometimes feel curious with a luxurious home. What actually make them difference with other ordinary home? When we look at some pictures of million dollar homes, by paying attention of several aspects we can take conclusion about what make this home become special. Here they are: location, exclusive design, home dimension, room, feature, landscape and price.  Starting from location. Most of luxurious home is built on famous location, such as Hollywood and St Tropez. Usually this home is built near other luxurious homes. A place like this give the owner more social status, privacy and security.

Pictures Of Million Dollar Homes

Next factor when we look at most pictures of million dollar homes are  exclusive design. Most of luxurious home is designed exclusively by famous architect. Most rich people call to famous architect when they will build a home. An architect design and plan this home only for that person. It will not used anymore for other person. And this home design considers more aspects than ordinary home design. This exclusive design also come in big dimension. We will rare find a million dollar home in small dimension. Most of luxurious homes, no matter they are built with or without loft, they have big dimension. Every room has dimension bigger than other home.

Pictures Billion Dollar Homes

The next significantly difference is on room when we see on pictures of million dollar homes. This home has a lot of rooms. If on ordinary home, usually only there are living room, bedroom, family room and kitchen, here we will find room for gym, home entertainment room, room for dancing and so on. This big dimension make possible to build these rooms.

Pictures Of Multi Million Dollar Homes

Feature is also better than ordinary home. This home is also built with high class materials, such as marble, granite, crystal and so on. All of furniture and appliance here are high class. Once we look, directly we will know that all of things there are expensive.

The next factors are landscape and price. Luxurious home will not be wonderful home without incredible garden and landscape. Their landscapes are looked good. It’s arranged by professional landscape expert. They don’t design and plan this landscape in careless way. If necessary they will come some unique plant from other countries. Both day and night, this landscape is looked special. This garden is decorated with high end landscape lighting. The last factor is price. It makes sense that special home will spend a lot of money. Price represents all of home benefits. It also represent richness level of people.

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