5 Sport Theme Ideas For Kids Simple Bedroom Design

Simple bedroom design can be done by minimizing colors choice, furniture using and number, room element, give free space and so on. Usually this simple bedroom design is designed for adult people, or at least not for kids. But now we will try adapting this concept to decorate kids bedroom. Here we will try using sport theme. These sport themes are baseball, golf, skateboard, surfing and car racing To make it looked simple, try to not put furniture, stuffs and other things on this bedroom. Besides that, try to not use many colors.

Simple Bedroom Design

Baseball is popular sport for kids and adult people. To create simple bedroom design with this theme can be done by choosing bed with white baseball style headboard. Besides that, near this bed is put white sofa with baseball shape. It will be looked more alive, if this room is decorated with big baseball event mural. But, it means too much decoration. We try to keep it simple. Then complete this bed with blanket and pillow. These bed fixtures are chosen with baseball theme style.

Simple Bedroom Decorating

If we like golf, we can decorate wall with stencil. Find out stencil with people are hitting golf ball. Wall can be decorated with golf stars poster. Keep it everything in simple color and not much elements. Similar with golf, on this simple bedroom design with skateboard theme, wall can be decorated with stencil about several boys are playing skateboard. Other idea is putting pillow with skateboard theme on the bed.

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating with surfing theme like bring beach atmosphere into bedroom. If our kids like playing on the beach, why don’t we create this theme for their bedrooms? Wall can be painted with beach, complete with people are running and sleeping on the beach. Last idea is decorating with racing car theme. Here if we can put bed with car shape, it’s very great.

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