5 Secrets To Make Living Room Look Bigger

I ever people ask me how to make living room look bigger. For small home, this question is important to be answered. Of course, we don’t want our guests feel uncomfortable on small living room. There are several easy tips to solve this problem. Here are five secrets to make living room look bigger. These secrets are creating additionally space, creating hidden storage place, rearrange ceramic tile installation, brightening with natural light and keep simple everything.

How To Make Living Room Look Bigger

First secret to answer how to make living room look bigger question is creating additionally space. As long as this, people think that living room dimension is static. It’s wrong. Actually, we can sill create new additionally space on living room. How? We can create on horizontal and vertical direction. Creating on horizontal dimension by restricting furniture size. So, by restricting this size, we can create additionally space to get free space. And to create additionally space on vertical direction by restricting furniture height.

Make Small Living Room Look Bigger

Second secret to solve how to make living room look bigger question is creating hidden storage place. This secret is to create new function to store anything on living room, but without creating new crowded impression on living room. It’s clever trick that we can do it. To do it, cabinet for storage place is painted with the same paint color with living room wall.

Good Colors For Small Living Rooms

Third secret is rearranging ceramic tile. Normally, ceramic tile installation is installed on one direction with living room wall. If we want this living room is looked bigger, installing this ceramic tile on diagonal position will create bigger illusion.

Fourth secret is brightening this living room with natural light. Natural light is free source to make brighter room. Let natural light easy to enter into this room. Building window with proper size and amount is a must. Bigger is better. Then decorate this window with simple decorating.

Fifth secret is keeping everything here is looked simple. It has goals to avoid crowded impression, enhance tidiness and remove clutter.

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