5 Secrets To Arrange Flower

Flower is good for home decoration. Both fresh and fake flower are good, but fresh flower is better. It can bring freshness. Mixture some flowers with many different colors in one place is really beautiful as long as we know what we should do. Here are five simple flower arrangement secret. Everybody can do it. Here they are: vase choosing, duct tape, cut its stem, texture and placement. Starting from vase choosing. Undoubtedly, good vase will determine how this flower will look. Clear vase from glass is good. But we also be creative with this vase. We can replace vase other stuffs, such as jar, bottle, bamboo, cup, ceramic and so on. More unique is better. Try to explore other creative stuffs to replace ordinary vase.

Simple Flower Arrangement

The next simple flower arrangement secret is duct tape. Beautiful flower arrangement will not good anymore, if it always sway blown by wind or other cause. Duct tape is the answer. It can corporate them in strong position with them self and its vase.  We must also cut its stem by scissor before entering this flower into their vase. It will them easier to arranged and tidier.

Simple Flower Arrangement Ideas

Don’t ignore flower texture factor. Each flower come with itself textures. Be creative when arrange flowers. We can mixture some different flowers with different textures in one place. It will be good. Don’t mix too much flowers in one place. Simple flower arrangement guidance to mix these flowers by following room interior appearance where these flowers will be put.

Simple Flower Arrangement Pictures

Last secret is placement factor. Don’t put flower on the wrong place. Beautiful flower arrangement will not able to be enjoyed if it’s placed on wrong place. For example, it’s useless put flower into gazebo on garden. Open space such as gazebo doesn’t need flower as decoration element. These flower arrangements are good to be placed on bathroom vanity, near window seat cushion or dining room table.

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