5 Secret Less Principles To Create Wonderful Simple Bedroom Ideas

Other style to create comfortable and wonderful bedroom is adapting minimalist style on bedroom. These simple bedroom ideas can created with five secret principles. These five principles are less color variation, less wall art, less ornament bed fixtures, less rug and less furniture. Three key factors here are free space, cool design and clean look. Free space is striking factor on this simple bedroom. This free space area is more than normal free space on standard bedroom decorating. Only needed furniture that is put here. This bedroom is also looked clean both on the wall and floor. There are not many stuffs on wall and floor.

Simple Bedrooms Ideas

These simple bedrooms ideas are marked with less color variation. Here we are not necessary to create accent color by painting one wall side with bold color to give new look on this wall. Here, all of wall sides are painted with one color. To make this bedroom is looked clean, only soft light color that can be used. For example spring green color, spring leaf color, peach crayon color or robins egg color.

Simple Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

On these simple bedrooms ideas, there are not many wall art. If this wall will be decorated with wall art, just install one painting, one poster or one photo. If there are more than one wall art will be installed, it’s kept without spending more areas and not looked striking.

Simple Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Bed is important furniture on bedroom. Here this bed is completed with bedding, blanket and pillow, but all of these bed fixtures are chosen with simple modern ornament and this ornament color is not looked striking.

On the floor there is only one rug. If we look on this floor, this floor is looked bigger because there is only less furniture here. Only important furniture are put on this bedroom.

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