5 Ideas To Showcase Modern Gothic Interior Design

Gothic architecture is one of famous architecture style in the world. It was born on medieval period, from century 12th to 16th. It’s very great architecture style and withstand until now. This influence can be still felt until now on this modern era. Gothic style can be adapted into interior design. Modern Gothic interior design become popular, because this concept incorporates between Gothic style and modern interior style. So, this Gothic style is given modern touching. Here are five ideas to adapt Gothic  style into our room interior.

Modern Gothic Interior Design

First idea is on color choice. Most Gothic interior styles are dominated with dark color. So, black is good color to reflect Gothic atmosphere. But, if we want to look for alternative for this modern Gothic interior design, other colors such as  emerald green, dark red, velvet, dark blue and golden hues are good to showcase Gothic interior style.

Gothic Interior Design Style

Second tip to plan modern Gothic interior design is installing stone or concrete floor. To showcase traditional Gothic look, these two materials are good, but for this modern era, we can replace it with hardwood floor and then put bold color and ornate rug.

Gothic Interior Decorating

Third tip is decorating window with heavy ornament fabric. Gothic room interior style is recognized with fabulous pattern and beautiful color combination on window decorating.

Fourth tip is creating romantic atmosphere on a room. It can be done by installing beautiful mirror on this room and put pretty flower on pot. Besides to create romantic atmosphere, this pretty flower also make fresh this room. Other part that is good to be decorated is fireplace. Here we can put family photo, candlestick and other accessories.

Fifth tip is creating Gothic style lighting. Here, wrought iron and gold are used as lighting fixtures. On Gothic concept, lamp is not only for lighting room, but it’s also for rising mood.

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