5 Ideas To Beautify Wall And Ceiling On Girls Rooms

Do you ever see beautiful girls rooms? Are you interested with it? There are many interesting ideas to decorate girls room. Now we will focus on wall and ceiling. Every girls like pretty color and funny pictures. Here are five ideas to decorate it: flower, butterfly, beach, star and moonlight. Flower is favorite stuff for  girls. Sun flower and rose can be chosen as flower theme. We can use stencil to decorate ceiling with this picture. Ceiling on white and flower on red, pink, yellow and violet are very good. While on the wall, we can use wallpaper with flower ornament or put poster with these flowers picture.

See Beautiful Girls Rooms

Butterfly is beautiful and funny animal. Every girls love it. Sticker or stencil with butterfly picture is good to decorate wall. While on ceiling, it can also be decorated with stencil. Several butterflies on different size on wall and ceiling will be looked as real flying butterfly. If we can combine with good color, here we will see beautiful girls rooms later.

Design Dazzle Girls Rooms

If we want to create cheerful atmosphere on girls room, choose beach theme is right choice. Water, sand, sun, sky, clam and people there can be used as object to decorate this room. Wall can be painted with sand color. Then sticker or poster about sun and people on the beach can be installed on the wall. Ceiling will be great if it’s decorated with sky picture. It can be done with stencil. Or if not it can be painted like making mural. Besides it will be looked beautiful, this sky picture will make this room is looked bigger. Can you imagine to see beautiful girls rooms here?

Room Designs For Teenage Girls

Star and moonlight are other good theme for girls room. Decorating ceiling and wall with star or moonlight theme will make this room is looked cool and romantic. Many stars on ceiling will make this room is looked spacious and moonlight picture on the wall will create relaxing room.

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