5 Elements To Make The Right Floor Plan

Whether we will make plan for small house or big house, there is always the same principles that we can apply. Planning house plan small is simpler than big house. Now we will try to make floor plan for this small house use five important elements. These elements are area zoning, room proportion, room relationship, communication and furniture size. These principles can be applied on every house floor plans. First element is area zoning. Area zoning means organizing room to increase efficiency activity. For example, bedroom is built near bathroom and kitchen is built near dining room. Can you imagine, if our bedroom in first floor, while bathroom is on second floor? Of course it will make troublesome.

House Plan Small

Second important factor to create the right house plan small is room proportion. Since at first time we can imagine what kind of standard furniture and appliances that will be put on every room. For example, bed and wardrobe on bedroom, shower and bathtub on bathroom, kitchen cabinet on kitchen and one set sofa on living room. This standard furniture and appliances have to be considered when making the right house plan. It’s called room proportion. For example, it makes no sense if we create bathroom is bigger than bedroom, because normally standard furniture and appliances amount for bathroom is less than bedroom.

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Third factor to plan the right house plan small is room relationship. It means there’s relationship between each room on a home. For example, bedroom has strong relationship with bathroom, while kitchen has strong relationship with dining room. Room relationship understanding will help to make better room organizing.

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Fourth factor is room communication. This concept is similar with room relationship. Better room relationship arrangement will increase room communication quality. For example, family room, kitchen and dining room have strong room communication level. So, these rooms are better to be planned in near position.

Fifth factor is furniture size. Either on big or small house, furniture size proportion is important to get good appearance. Small furniture on big room and big furniture on small room are bad options. It has to be own good proportion.

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