5 Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

Good living room decoration will impress guests and increase home value. For small living room, the main task is making it felt bigger and comfortable. It can be done in many ways. We need décor idea to decorate this small living room. Here are five smart way to decorate it: reduce clutter, smart furniture arrangement, smart color choice, smart window decorating and prepare storage place. Clutter, color and furniture size are key factors of decorating for small living room. These principles can be applied on every rooms.

Decor Idea

First décor idea is reducing clutter. Be careful to arrange, organize and put anything on small living room. Creating clutter is fast way to make this living room is looked bad. Here only important furniture and stuffs may be put here. Keep it this small living room decoration is looked simple and create free space around furniture.

Home Decor Idea

Second décor idea is smart furniture arrangement. For small living room, simple style furniture is better than heavy ornament furniture. Consider to select size, width, length and height. Arrange furniture on cluster arrangement to give free space around it. Smaller and lower furniture can give additionally free space, both on horizontal and vertical direction.

Wall Decor Idea

Third idea is smart color choice for wall. Generally, for every small room, including for small living room, white is perfect color. It can work well for every room. Combining white wall with other colors of furniture and stuffs are easy.

Fourth idea is smart window decorating. Avoid to decorate window with heavy ornament. Keep it looked simple. Taller curtain rod can make this room seems taller and spacious.

Fifth idea is preparing storage place. This is essential stuffs on small living room. Storage place can use cabinets. To avoid this small living room from clutter impression, these cabinets are painted with the same color with wall. If this wall is painted with white, so these cabinets are painted with white too.

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