5 Cool Themes For Teenage Girls Bedroom

There are many options to create cool rooms for teenagers. These theme ideas can be taken from movie and story. The key factors here are funny, colorful and beautiful. Six cool rooms for teenagers themes below can be consider to beautify your teenage girls bedroom. These theme are ballerina girls theme, Moroccan theme, carousel theme, celestial theme and fairy theme.

Cool Rooms For Teenagers

First cool rooms for teenagers theme is ballerina theme. This is about girl dancer. This theme is good to be expressed on white, pink and purple. To decorate bedroom with this theme, several ways can be done: ballerina picture on pink frame, bedding sets with ballerina or piano pictures, wall with ballerina decal or stencil, table lamp with ballerina cloth shape and so on.

Cool Bedrooms Teenagers

Second cool rooms for teenagers theme is Moroccan theme. This theme is inspired from movie “I Dream Of Jeannie”. Bedroom with this theme is looked colorful and exotic. Here are few examples to do it: pillow with colorful satin material, wall with I Dream Of Jeannie decal, bed with valance, Moroccan lantern on ceiling, magic lamp on cabinet and so on.

Interior Design Teenagers

Third theme for teenage girls bedroom is carousel theme. Carousel is popular playing where this playing can move in circle direction. Usually on this playing is completed with few wood or fiber horses and kids drive these horses. Few examples to decorate bedroom with this theme: wall with carousel pictures decal, bedding sets with carousel pictures, ceiling fan with carousel shape, table lamp with carousel picture on cap and so on.

Fourth theme is celestial theme. On this theme, important picture elements are cloud, sun, moon and star. These elements are shown in funny expression, for example smiling sun and moon. To decorate with this theme: wall is beautified with stars picture decal, bedding sets with sun and moon pictures, table lamp with stars picture on cap and so on.

Fifth theme is fairy theme. Fairy is popular fiction character for girls. This character is described as a girls with wings like butterfly. Wall with fairy decal, poster with fairy picture, mirror with fairy shape frame and bedding sets with fairy pictures are few examples to decorate bedroom with this theme.

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