5 Consciousness From Tumbleweed Houses Video

Have you ever seen tumbleweed houses video? It can be found easily on internet. Living on tiny house is new trend now. Tiny house presence cause tiny house movement phenomena on USA. If we have seen tumbleweed houses video, at least we will get five new consciousness related to this very small house size. First consciousness is important to care to nature. Modern industry now has cause many damage on earth and it will not easy to be recovered. Living on tiny house is living on a house with less pollution, because it reduces using of modern appliances. It’s more eco friendly environment. It’s create healthy living for people who lives here.

Tumbleweed Houses Video

Second consciousness from this tumbleweed houses video is getting healthier living. Living in simplify means free us from any complexity situation, condition and problem. Living on this house like living of people from the past era when everything are still nature and pure. Free from complexity things means healthier for emotion. Physically we are also healthier if we put this tiny house on nature environment.

Youtube Tiny House

Third consciousness from this tumbleweed houses video is increasing social living relationship, because if we have portable tiny house, then we like to going anywhere and where we find pleasant place, we will stay there for several times. Here we enter into new area. Meet new people, interact with them.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Video

Fourth consciousness is rising consciousness that health is worthy thing in the world more than everything. Living on healthy environment and with healthy lifestyle reduces risk to be sick. With health, living can be enjoyed beautifully.

Fifth consciousness is getting fact that living on tiny house doesn’t mean living on downsizing big house. There new values that we get here.  Living on tiny house change many things, including consciousness to new things, how to live in simplify, how to interact with new people, how to survive living on restriction and so on. There are many valuable lesson from this tiny house.

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