5 Benefits Of Tiny Solar House

Tiny solar house has many advantages than conventional tiny house. This tiny house use solar electricity system as electric power. At least this solar electricity system has five benefits. These benefits are healthy environment, saving money, simple installation, less maintenance and flexible. This solar electricity system create healthy environment. Solar power is clean energy and this power can be renewable anymore. It’s sustainable power source. It will reduce from fossil fuel dependence. Fossil fuel cannot be renewable anymore, besides that it also produce pollution. It’s fit with tiny house concept, living in green environment.

Tiny Solar House

Installing solar electricity system, either on home or tiny solar house will save money. Solar power is free energy. We can get it without paying. We only spend budget to buy solar panel and its fixtures. These fixtures are used to convert sun light become electric. It’s different with other electric source that’s generated with generator on conventional electric company. It spends high operational cost. So people must pay monthly payment. By solar electricity system, we are not necessary anymore to pay every month.

Tiny Solar House Plans

To install this solar electricity system is less simple than other electric power type. Complicated wiring is not needed here. This electric power system also need less maintenance and flexible. These all fixtures can be brought anywhere if it’s installed on tiny house. This energy is also less pollution. Other electric power source can influence some diseases that are caused from electromagnetic field. Tiny solar house is great living in eco friendly idea.

Tiny House Solar Power

But there are several disadvantages of solar electricity system. First, these solar panels will not work on night and will not work maximum on cold and rainy season. Device for storing electric is still very expensive. Besides that, electric converting rate from sun light become electric has not been maximum.

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