5 Benefits Of Decorating Room With Stencil Wall Art

There are many ways to decorate room. What we are looking for is cheap, easy and fast way to do it. One of ways to do it with stencil wall art. At least there are five benefits of this wall art type. These benefits are fast decoration, blend with wall, many variations, easy and low budget. Decorating room with stencil wall art can be done is short time. It’s similar function with other wall art, such as painting, sticker, vinyl and so on, but here using different method to do it. To apply stencil wall art, we need screen printing, air brush and roller. Air brush and roller are used to paint. We can choose one of them.

Stencil Wall Art

Before decorating wall with stencil wall art, make sure wall are in flat, clean and smooth condition. If necessary to get perfect result, this wall is painted again first. Then after drying, put screen printing with certain pattern or picture on the wall. Use air brush or roller to make ornament or picture through screen printing. That’s it. It’s very simple. There are many decorative pattern choices on the store that we can select.

Stencil Wall Murals

The next advantage is this stencil wall art can blend with wall. Different with sticker that’s looked there are two elements, wall and sticker, here stencil and wall become one unity. If decorating with sticker, if someday this wall will be repainted, this sticker is replaced with new sticker. Old sticker cannot be installed anymore. Using stencil wall art, after repainting wall, just re-air brush or re-roller again. It’s simple.

Stencil Wall Words

Using this wall art type is also low budget. From one pattern of screen printing, we can make many stencil art as we want. With one screen printing, we can decorate many rooms all at one. Actually, stencil wall art result is similar with mural, but mural is more expensive and difficult. If we have no painting talent, we have to hire an artist. We have to pay them. If this wall is repainted with different color and we need mural again, we have to pay again an artist to do it.

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