5 Advantages Of Sticker Wall Art

The simple and fast way to decorate room is by using sticker wall art. Before doing it, make sure all of wall surface are smooth and free from dirt. Dirt such as dust will make this sicker don’t strongly attaching. At least there are five advantages of this wall decoration stuff. These advantages are cheap, less time to decorate, many variations, colorful decoration and less maintenance. Sticker is cheap. It can be bought on the store. Before selecting which sticker will be bought, measure first room area where these sticker will be installed. Use color wheel to determine what sticker color will be choose. This sticker have to be looked good, so it has to be considered well.

Sticker Wall Art

Decorating room with sticker wall art can also be done faster. It needs less time to decorate room. Determine area  size, choose color and choose decoration theme and install it. Just that. It’s so simple. Sticker wall art is versatile room decoration stuff. It can be installed anywhere, specially if this wall is built with brick. Sticker will not fit to be installed on wood  wall. It will cover its natural wood texture.

Sticker Wall Decals

There are many design and color variation from this sticker wall art. For kids bedroom, there are cartoon, movie, super hero, sport, doll, toy theme and so on. For more serious decoration, sticker wall art with decorative ornament design is good for living room. For bathroom, sticker wall art with floral theme design is good choice.

Sticker Wall Art For Kids

Decorating room with this sticker is one of easy way to create colorful atmosphere on a room. And easy way to fulfill empty area on the wall by this sticker. It’s also less maintenance. To maintain this sicker, it just need to be cleaned from dust by cloth or duster. But the advantage of this sticker, it must be replaced if we want to repaint this room wall. If we want to install again, we have to buy new sticker.

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