5 Advantages Of Oversized Shower Curtain

One of simple, cheap and smart way to decorate bathroom is installing oversized shower curtain. It’s easy to be installed. Nowadays we can find this shower curtain on the store with many various style, color and design. Usually this shower curtain is made from plastic or vinyl. There are five advantages of using it. These are cheap, privacy, variations, less maintenance and new sensation. Starting from cheap. This shower curtain can be bought with cheap price because it’s made from plastic or vinyl.

Oversized Shower Curtain

Second advantage is privacy. Installing this oversized shower curtain on bathroom can give certain privacy. It will cover shower area. So, it seems there are two elements on bathroom that protect people from outside, these are bathroom door and its shower curtain. People can feel secure take a bath on shower inside this curtain.

Oversized Shower Curtain Rods

Third oversized shower curtain advantage is variations. On the store there are a lot of style and design that we can choose. Just pick the right color and theme that we like. If this bathroom is small, shower curtain with light color is right choice. To create freshness on bathroom, floral theme can be chosen.

Oversized Shower Curtain Rods

Fourth advantage is less maintenance. To clean this shower curtain is easy. Just use water and cloth to clean from residual soap and shampoo. It’s better if everyday this shower curtain is cleaned by spreading water on all of curtain surface, before this residual dirt become hard. If we don’t clean it everyday, we will need brush to clean it.

Last advantage is new sensation. Of course, take a bath on shower with beautiful shower curtain can create new sensation. Take a bath will become new relaxation activity here. While take a bath we can enjoy beautiful ornament on this shower curtain. If someday we feel bored with this curtain style, we can easy to change with new style.

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