5 Advantages Of Card Table Extender

Have you ever seen card table extender? This flexible and versatile furniture. This table with multi shapes. It can be transformed into other shape in few minutes easily. It can be done by everybody. It can be used for many purposed, for example as dining table, coffee table, party table and so on. Installing this table can save place. For many people, by this table, we don’t need many tables. When we need larger table, just open this table. Now, this table will expand and can be used for more persons.

Card Table Extender

First advantage of this card table extender is flexible. It’s flexible for functions and for persons amount. This table on normal using can be used for four persons, but when there are 2-4 persons again will join, this table can be expanded by opening it. Now, this new table configuration can be used for 6 up to 8 persons, depended on this table size. Without this table type, if there are 2-4 persons will join, so at least we need one table again. But by using this table type, we don’t need one additionally table anymore.

Round Card Table Extender

Second advantage of this card table extender  is on its price. It can be bought on affordable price. This table has simple design and simple mechanic. It’s made with wood sheet as table top and with simple table legs design. And it’s mass product, so this furniture is not expensive.

Buy Card Table Extender

Third advantage is it can be used as simple room decorating element. It can be good to be put on family room, kitchen, patio, gazebo and so on. It will impress guests with its ability to be expanded and handle many people more than other standard table.

Fourth advantage is light. Yes, this simple table is light. It’s not weight. So, it can be good portable table. It can moved from one room into other room without difficulty. It can be put inside home now, then it can be put on gazebo on afternoon easily.

Fifth advantage is it can be functioned as outdoor furniture type to be used as outdoor activity. For example, if we want to make outdoor party. We can use this table type as party table. Eight persons can be put on one card table extender, while for normal table, we will need two tables. Eighty persons will only need ten card tables extender, while it will need one twenty standard tables.

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