4 Transportation Theme Ideas For Boy Room

Boy room designs can be beautified with theme and color choice. If our boys like everything about transportation, it can be used to decorate their bedroom. Airplane, outer space, car and train can be good ideas to chosen. These theme can be applied on the wall, bedding sets, rug, lamp, toys and so on. Transportation themes are good choice for active boys.

Boy Room Designs

First idea to decorate this boys bedroom is airplane theme. Airplane is one of most favorite toy for boys. They imagine how does it feel flying on the sky. Boy room designs with this theme will fulfill their imagination about air plane. Few samples to decorate this bedroom with airplane theme: wall is decorated with airplane flying on the sky with kid as pilot, put airplane toys above cabinet, bedding sets with airplane pictures, ceiling fan with fan like airplane propeller and so on.

Boy Bedroom Designs

Second idea is outer space theme. Outer space theme is airplane theme variant. The difference here, outer space take theme everything about outside earth atmosphere. Boy room designs with this theme will satisfy their desire to know more about outer space atmosphere. Several pictures scene from movie Star Wars can be used. Few examples to decorate with this theme: wall is decorated with galaxy, moon, planet and outer space airplane pictures. Bedding sets with solar system pictures, put alien toy on cabinet, wall clock with Darth Vader shape and so on.

Boy Room Decorations

Third idea is car theme. Car toys are popular for boys. Several samples to decorate with car theme: bed in car shape, storage place in tire shape, table lamp with holder like fuel gas pump, ceiling fan on black and white color like racing flag, decorate wall with raceway mural and so on.

Fourth idea is train theme. Here are few samples to decorate with this theme: decorate wall with several trains on railway mural, put table and chair in train shape, bedding sets with trains picture and so on.

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