4 Tools To Draw Beautiful Rooms In 3D

Design room in 2D has not made up satisfied. Why? Because we still feel difficult to imagine it from every view. Besides that, most design in 2D is printed in white and black color, so it’s looked ordinary. For common people, beautiful rooms in 3D picture is more alive and interesting. More than that, this picture is usually printed on full color printing. And before it’s printed, when it’s still in design process, we can move it on computer to see from every view. There are many tools to make drawing in 3D. Some of them are freeware and other type is paid software. For serious people who to learn draw in 3D, here are four tools: AutoCad, 3D Max, Archicad and Google SketchUp.

Beautiful Rooms In 3D

Beautiful rooms in 3D can be drawn with AutoCad. AutoCad is CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. It’s developed by AutoDesk. It’s standard tool to make work picture. Every builder and architect need it. It’s very complete with built in feaitures inside it. Beside for drawing 2D, it can also be used to draw 3D. But for common people, to master use AutoCad, it has to be learned and practiced every time. It’s more technically software.

Room Design 3D

Next tool to make beautiful rooms in 3D is 3D Max. Similar with AutoCad, this software is developed by Autodesk. It’s ultimate tool to make 3D picture, complete with lighting effect. It can produce high realistic and wonderful picture. If AutoCad has specification to draw work picture with accurate result, so 3d Max is used to show its high aesthetic design and plan. AutoCad and 3D can complete each other. To master 3D Max, it has to learn and practice everytime. It’s rich features software. It needs time to masterall of features there.

Arrange A Room 3D

Archicad is made by Graphicsoft. Archicad has similar function with 3D Max, but it’s easier than 3DMax. If we want to learn simple tool to draw 3D, then Archicad can be good alternative. Even though, it’s rendering picture result cannot reach 3D Max quality, but it’s enough for common people.

Last tool is SketchUp. It’s good alternative for 3D Max and Archicad. It’s easier to be learned. Now, there are many home and room designer use SketchUp, because it’s easier to be operated.

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