4 Theme Ideas For Kids Room

To decorate kids room, we should know what they like, their hobby and what they collect. From these three things we can collect useful information to develop the right and attractive kids room. Basically, every kids like something funny. Here four theme ideas we can explore: cartoon, jungle, sea and traveler. These themes can be wonderful decorations for kids rooms. Starting from the first theme. Carton undoubtedly is the most popular theme for kids. Every kids like cartoon, because this movie is funny, simple story and colorful. So many ideas we can explore here, such as Spider Man, Batman, Aladdin, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and so on. Choose character from Disney studio is good.

Decorations For Kids Rooms

Second theme is jungle. Jungle living is also interesting for kids. Some movies such as Tarzan and Simba can be good idea. Other funny animal such as koala, teddy bear and so on are also good. Third theme is sea. Kids like living under the sea, such as on movie Finding Nemo. Colorful and funny fish are really beautiful to decorate kids room. Fourth theme is traveler. Traveling or adventure world  always make kids feel curious. Train, car, airplane and ship are good example for this theme. All of these themes can be wonderful decorations for kids rooms if we able to realized on real result.

Decorations Kids Bedrooms

If we have chosen one theme, then it must be applied on kids room. For example if we choose cartoon theme such as Mickey Mouse, then Mickey Mouse become the main character on this kids room. On the store, Mickey Mouse theme can comes in various color. Ask first to kids, what their favorite color. If they like blue, so Mickey Mouse theme in blue color is the right choice. Then all of kids room furniture are decorated following this theme choice. From bedding, blanket, pillow, rug, carpet, table, wardrobe, lamp, printing picture, wall ornaments, toy, doll until ceiling are chosen and decorated with Mickey Mouse theme. Actually there are still many decorations for kids rooms ideas we can explore.

Decorating Ideas For Kids Rooms

As additionally information, some characters from these lists can be choose. Here they are:  Tinker Bell, Princess & The Frog, Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Pocahontas, Madagascar, Dora & Diego, Bakyardigans Kids, Spongebob, Doraemon and Dinosaur. Ask kids which on of these theme categories that they like. Discuss them the best way to make their room become more pleasant and comfortable for learning, sleeping and playing.

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