4 Terrace Backyard Ideas For Lovely Home

Terrace on backyard can be used for many purposes. It’s great place for gathering family and inviting friends. Here are five ideas related to this terrace backyard. First terrace backyard ideas is arranging outdoor furniture there. This furniture can be completed with pillow and big umbrella. This umbrella to protect it from hot sun light and make it felt shady. Furniture from wicker is good to be chosen. All family members can be gathered here or we can invite friends to drink coffee here on the after noon.

Terrace Backyard Ideas

Second terrace backyard ideas is planting plants on containers, flowers and dwarf fruit. All of these three options are good. Putting green plants on this terrace make this place is felt fresher. While putting pretty flowers like orchid, lily and rose will make beautiful this place. And now dwarf fruits become trend. Dwarf fruits such as lemon, apple, mango and so on can be gotten on dwarf version.  It will not spend big area to growth. Terrace on this backyard is enough.

Terrace Garden Design

Third terrace backyard ideas is building gazebo. Similar with above outdoor furniture, this gazebo can be used to gather family and invite friends for drinking coffee. Besides that, on this gazebo can be installed lamp. So, when afternoon or night come, sitting here is felt like sitting on café. This gazebo can be made in small or big size depended on terrace backyard area. Other similar idea is building micro house here from wood or fiber glass.

Terraced House Garden Ideas

Fourth idea is making fish pond. Some pretty fish types are fit to be cared here. This pond is not always built with big size. It’s adapted with terrace size and fish type. But if we can build big fish pond here is better. It can be combined with garden waterfalls. It’s really pretty look. While drinking coffee on afternoon and hearing water flow here is very exciting. This pond is good if it’s combined with gazebo. So, this gazebo is built above this pond.

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