4 Simple Ideas To Beautify Corner Fireplace

Usually fireplace is put on corner for saving area, to use residual space on a room. It give consequence to be rather difficult to decorate wall behind it, because sometime wall position is difficult to put anything. To make it beautiful, we have to explore some creative ideas. We can get few ideas from corner fireplace pictures on magazine or internet. Putting big rectangle mirror, collection stuffs, hanging plants and sweet memory things are few ideas to be considered. These are really simple ideas to be done.

Corner Fireplace Pictures

First simple idea is putting big rectangle mirror. I get this idea after browsing many corner fireplace pictures. It will solve problem to cover wall on corner. Big mirror with proper height can make this fireplace look higher. It can also brightening room by reflecting light from natural light and lamp. This is good idea for small and dark room.

Corner Fireplace Ideas

Second simple idea is decorating it with collection stuffs. Maybe we have several favorite stuffs that we want to display, so this fireplace on corner provide space for it. It can be good alternative for living room shelving. Collection books, ceramic vase, nautical wall clock, silver dish, beautiful artwork and handmade wooden toys are few stuffs options that we can put here.

Corner Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Third idea that we get from corner fireplace pictures is installing hanging plants on the wall behind fireplace. Besides to decorate this fireplace, these hanging plants presence bring freshness for this room. We can choose, either fresh plants or fake plants. To make real fresh, fresh plants are proper option. If we need less maintenance, fake plants idea can be taken.

Fourth idea is putting sweet memory things. Maybe, we have ever travelled to other countries, so souvenirs from other countries such as Petronas building and Pizza tower miniature can be put here. Or if photos when our first kid was born and when we were married are put here.

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