4 Reasons Why The Tiny House Movement Happen

Living on tiny house is not about downsizing a house become very small size. It’s also associated with new lifestyle and consciousness. Now the tiny house movement become hot issue on USA. This tiny house dimension is rare exceed 500 square feet. At least there are four reasons why this tiny house movement happens. First reason is financial problem. To buy standard house, people need a lot of money. If they want to build this house to save money, they have to own first land. But by this tiny house presence, this problem is solved. Tiny house can be bought or built on very cheaper cost and it also doesn’t need permanent land. It can be brought and put anywhere.

The Tiny House Movement

Based on data from 1997, at least for 30 years, total costs for buying, repairing, maintenance and so on for a house is $1,073,000. This amount is same with 1/3 income of Americans people for 15 years. This not small amount. So, when tiny house come, people happily welcome. Maybe below illustration can explain it.

Taking The Tiny House Movement

Second reason of this the tiny house movement is simplify life. Tiny house give new life style. Living in here is simpler than living on standard house. Living in here can reduce stress, calm down and relax. It can be understood, because this tiny house is very small. So, we cannot put a lot of furniture and appliances here, such as TV, computer and so on. So, it reduces complexity activity on daily living and free mind from overload information daily.

Rise Tiny House Movement

Third reason of this the tiny house movement is environment consciousness. People now start to conscious that modernity is very expensive. It has reduces environment quality. Amount of green forest is reduced rapidly every years. Air and water is contaminated with pollution. New diseases are born, and so on many problems. Living on close to nature is believed is better than modern life style. It’s healthier and eco friendly. It’s so why most tiny house material use wood as main material. It’s organic material.

Fourth reason is looking for freedom living sensation. Going visit trip on holiday, spare time or when feeling bored for something, then stay on new environment is very pleasant. New environment gives new experience and new social relationship.

This is being categorized within close to nature topic and the tiny house movement matter plus rise tiny house movement subject also taking the tiny house movement matter also organic material topic .