4 Important Things For Small House

It’s always be challenge to create elegance small house. There are four important things we can consider to prepare it. These are open floor plan design, storage preparation, color theme and ventilation. The first important step is planning the right floor plan for small house.  This step is very important. The bad floor plan will make us difficult later. And to repair it needs hard effort, if this house building bas been built. Open floor plan design is the right floor plan for small house. This open plan will make this room has spacious view.

Floor Plan For Small House

After creating the right floor plan for small house is preparing storage place. When planning floor plan, this storage place must be considered. It will be important home element to keep this home is felt comfortable. This storage place can be a room or furniture. If it’s a room, it can be built on loft, basement, garage  or small room on hidden place, so it will not aesthetic appearance from this house. If this storage place are furniture, it can be some cabinets. There are clever  trick to do it. Put on hidden place or painting it with the same color with room wall color.

Small House Design

Third thing is color theme. Don’t ever ignore color choosing when decorating a small house. The core problem on a small house is limited space and how to handle it. Limited space has potential problem to be felt crowded. The right color will help it. Prioritize on light color and avoid dark color. Dark color can be looked stylish, but unfortunately it’s not fit to small house.

Open Floor Plans Small Houses

Last thing is ventilation. Ventilation system will supply fresh air and brighter room with sun light. Bad ventilation will make room is felt stuffy, especially for small house. When planning  floor plan for small house this ventilation system must be thought seriously. Building several windows on every rooms on small house are good way.

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