4 Ideas To Modify Tiny House

Tiny house that we know has beautiful design. It’s looked that it’s designed with natural living concept. And now this tiny house day by day become trend. People like it. And market demand is created. New business is born from this very small house. So, aren’t you interested to run this tiny house business. Here there’s market demand. It’s fact that this house type can be sold, as long as we make the right business plan and marketing plan. Okay let’s do it to produce tiny house for sale. It’s great opportunity to be done.

Tiny House For Sale

First thing we have to know is that our tiny house for sale later need some modifications. We cannot produce the same design and shape to buyer. If we do it, we will lose competing with strong competitor. Besides that, with the same design, shape, furniture, appliance, it’s show that this product has the same value. Here will be price competing. Seller with lowest price will be winner. But actually, it’s not good way to run business. With lowest price, we will get small profit and will felt difficult to continue business. So, how we do it?

Tumbleweed Tiny House For Sale

We have to create different style of this tiny house for sale. With a little modification, it can increase successful level on the market. Besides that, with new style, we are not necessary to sell in low price, because we are not compete on price, but on design and feature. Prove to buyer candidates that our own products are the best choice for them. Roof can be change with fiber glass. It can make this tiny house become more modern. Wall can be paint with interesting color to create new freshness. Hardwood floor can be install to make this floor beautiful.

Tiny House On Wheels For Sale

Then redecorate inside room. Furniture can be replaced with new interesting furniture. Window can be decorated with interesting curtain. Inside room, wall can be repainted with soft light paint color and then it’s decorated with stencil. It will make fresh this room. The most important principle here is giving more value for buyer. To create additionally value is not always spend a lot of money. A little bit different, such as stencil wall art here can influent buyer decision.

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