4 Ideas To Make Decorative Wall

As long as this people think that to decorate and beautify wall by painting it with the right color. It’s absolutely true, but there are still other interesting alternatives besides painting it. Decorative wall can be created in several ways. These ways are installing brick, natural stone, wall panel and faux painting kits. First and second are beautiful real wall interior, while third and fourth options are artificial wall interior. It’s good alternative for painting wall with paint. With brick and natural stone, we don’t necessary anymore to paint it. Its natural textures are advantage of it.

Real Wall Interior

First idea is installing brick on the wall. We can call it expose brick, can make this wall is felt shady and cool. It can be installed anywhere on the wall. This brick will not be coated anymore with concrete slab. We keep it on its original shape. It seems like this building process is not finish, but it will be looked unique and creative. To apply this expose brick, choose the best brick type. Usually brick for this real wall interior is stronger, harder and smoother than ordinary brick for home building. This is brick for decoration, not for home building. Aesthetic look is more important.

Real Stone Interior Wall

Second idea is installing natural stone. Natural stone has more variations than brick. There are several types of stone that we can choose as real wall interior to decorate wall, such as slate, river rock, cobblestone and so on. Natural stone relatively has irregular verb. Similar with brick, it can make room is felt cool and shady.

Interior Stone Wall Panels

Third type is wall panel. Wall panel is artificial real wall interior. This material is produced by factory in many designs. It has many textures choice. If installing brick and natural stone will make room is felt cool, so installing wall panel will make this room is looked bright, specially if this wall panel is chosen in light color.

Fourth tip is faux painting kit. Use faux painting kit, we can create many textures style. It’s such as making mural on the wall, but this is 3D mural with certain pattern and textures. If we like painting wall, faux painting kit is good choice. It will create new look that cannot be done with ordinary paint.

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