4 Ideas To Decorate Living Room Shelving

If we have some favorite books, artwork, decorative element that we would to display on living room, the right shelving can help it. Several showcase designs for living room on wall can be done for several purposes. Beside for showcasing our collection stuffs, It can also for decorating living room. If there is not permanent bordering wall between living room and family room, this shelving can be used as partition alternative.

Showcase Designs For Living Room On Wall

First idea to use shelving is putting shelving with the right size, both width and height to dive room. So, it will be functioned as room divider. For this purpose, putting books, flower in vase, ceramic and artwork here are good. Besides for diving room, it can show our personality, taste and artwork sense. For small living room, shelving with light color is proper choice.

Showcase Designs Living Room Wall Mounted

Second idea is installing shelving on living room wall from wood. It will be pretty  showcase designs for living room on wall. Simple shelving can work well. Similar with shelving for room divider, we can also display our favorite stuff here. Because this shelving is installed on the wall, it seems like floating rack, make sure this shelving can hold new load from every stuffs here. Better to not put weight stuff. Several books, artwork, decorative crystal, family photos are enough to decorate it. It we want this shelving is looked more focus, pain it with different color with wall.

Wooden Showcase Designs For Living Room

Third idea is installing shelving from bamboo. Bamboo presence on this living room can give natural touching. Living room will be more fresh and bring people to feel close to nature. Bamboo shelving get the same treatment with wood shelving.

Fourth idea is installing non floating shelving on the floor with backside near to wall. Maybe this is the best showcase designs for living room on wall. It is bigger than floating shelving as on second type. Here will be more stuffs can be organized. We can put TV on this rack. If this shelving is completed with glass door, we can display beautiful expensive crystal collections there.

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