4 Exotic Theme Ideas For Teen Girls Bedroom

For teen girls bedroom, there are many theme options to decorate it. If we look for something new, fresh, unique and special, try to decorate it with exotic themes. These exotic themes are inspired from Asian and African living. After decorating it with these themes, this bedroom will not be the same anymore. These theme ideas are eclectic ethnic theme, tropical theme, Moroccan theme and oriental theme. Let’s know one by one. It will be great choice.

Teen Girls Bedroom

First teen girls bedroom theme idea is eclectic ethnic theme. Eclectic means combines from many sources to create one amazing decorating. With this eclectic theme, we can combine several decorating styles from Moroccan, Persian, India, Mexican, Chinese and so on. For example to do it, bed is decorated with peacock picture. Bedding, blanket and pillow with peacock picture in purple color is looked so very exotic. Above cabinet can be put head of Buddha. While on the ceiling, we can hang lantern Arabian light.

Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

Second teen girls bedroom theme idea is tropical theme. Decorate bed with Hawaiian bedding will make us feel like sleeping on tropical region. To create like real tropical atmosphere, wall is decorated with palm tree picture. It can be done with sticker or mural. Small fresh palm tree on pot can be put near bed to make this bedroom is felt fresh. If we like installing poster, poster with pictures about Caribbean party are good choice.

Teen Girls Bedroom Pictures

Third theme is Moroccan. Moroccan interior style is famous with exotic colors choice. Interior with Moroccan style is rich with colors. Here we can combine red, pink, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver and brown together. Curtain, bedding set, lantern and rug are essential elements on Moroccan interior style.

Fourth theme is oriental theme. From it’s name, we know that this theme is inspired from Chinese. Lantern, Chinese writing, dragon and traditional Chinese woman are essential things on this oriental theme.

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