4 Color Ideas To Create Cozy Teenage Bedroom

Color choosing on kids bedroom is important. There is strong relationship between color and mood. Color choice will affect on emotional condition. Soft light colors are fit for kids and teenage bedroom. Here there are four ideas to create cozy teenage bedroom based on color choice. Pink, orange, neutral and violet can be used as main color then is completed with complement color. Pink is very popular color for teenage girls. If their bedroom will be decorated with pink, then this pink is completed with white and grey. Here there are three colors. Pink can be main color, here is the way to do it. Wall is important element on bedroom. Then this wall is painted with pink. To give variation, one wall can be painted with white or grey. Ceiling is painted with white to make this bedroom is looked bright. On floor can be installed white ceramic.

Cozy Teenage Bedroom

Then every elements on this bedroom are selected on these pink, white and grey color. For example, bed, window frame, table lamp are white and rug in grey. Bedding, blanket and pillow can be chosen on pink.

Second color idea for this  cozy teenage bedroom is orange. Orange can be completed with white and teak. Similar with pink as main color on this bedroom decorating, then this wall can be painted with orange. Either all of sides or several sides that are painted on orange are good. But to give variation, it’s good if one wall side is painted with white. Besides to give variation, this bedroom will also looked brighter. Ceiling is kept on white. On floor, white ceramic is good and above it can be put teak rug or carpe. Then every bedroom elements are decorated with these orange, white and teak.

Teenage Bedroom Designs

Third color idea for cozy teenage bedroom is neutral color. Neutral color is versatile color. It’s can be combined with other color easily. Here, we can choose tan as main color, then this tan is completed with white and teak. To decorate bedroom with these colors can be done like above example.

Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Fourth color idea is violet. It’s other favorite color for teenage girls. This violet can be chosen as main color then is completed with silver and Cyprus grass color. To make good decorating with these colors can be done like above example.

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