4 City Theme Ideas To Decorate Teenage Girls Bedroom

For teenage girls that like travelling, decorate teenage girls bedroom with city themes are good ideas. Many big cities in the world have uniqueness and characteristic that we can use to decorate this bedroom. These city uniqueness can be displayed into poster, stencil, photo, bedding set, rug, table lamp and so on. Here are four city themes to be considered: Paris, Cairo, Hollywood and London. These are big cities in the world. Paris and London are on Europe, Cairo is on Africa and Hollywood is on USA.

Teenage Girls Bedroom

First teenage girls bedroom idea is Paris theme. Paris is one of famous fashion city. If we think about fashion, we will think about Paris and Milan. To decorate bedroom with this theme, wall is decorated with Eiffel tower picture. It can be done with stencil. Put table with legs like Eiffel tower is amazing. Bedding sets with Eiffel tower are also good to be chosen.

Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

Second teenage girls bedroom idea is Cairo city. This city is on Egypt. This city is famous because of their pyramid,  Sphinx, old kings cemetery and magical mystery story.  To decorate with theme, on the wall can be given desert, camel and pyramid pictures. It can be done with stencil. Table lamp or hanging lamp with cap like pyramid are interesting shape. On the wall, we can also put Egyptian wall décor. Usually it takes Pharaoh Ramses shape.

Teenage Girls Bedroom Pictures

Third idea is Hollywood theme. Hollywood is on US. This is dream house for a lot of teenage girls. To decorate with this theme is easy. Wall is beautified with movie stars poster. If we want to install wall clock, wall clock in shape like Wall Of Fame shape is very good. While table lamp with shape like studio lamp is very interesting.

Fourth idea is London theme. London is on UK. Several good ideas from London are London bridge, Big Ben, Queen guard, phone box and so on. Then these London symbols are applied on bedding sets, poster, table lam and rug.

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