4 Cheap Ideas To Decorate Fireplace Corner Mantel

The main function of fireplace corner mantel is for heating and warming room, specially on cold season. It’s good if besides for running its main function, this fireplace corner mantel is also become interesting room decorating element. This appliance can be more beautiful if we know what to do. Here are four cheap ideas to decorate it. These ideas are art painting, flower in vase, family photo and bookshelves. Every ideas can be done low budget.

Fireplace Corner

First idea is art painting. Putting colorful art painting above this fireplace corner mantel will change entire look of this appliance. Art painting on canvas with decorative frame can be bought on art painting store. If we want to save money, we can buy printing version of art painting on canvas. It’s cheaper. Other similar idea is putting poster version of art painting. Many art paintings of great painters are available on poster version.

Fireplace Mantel Corner

Second idea is putting pretty flower in vase. If we plant flowers on garden, we will not spend money to buy it. Just take flower from garden, put on glass vase, pour water into this vase and put it above fireplace corner mantel. The function of water in this glass vase is to make this flower is fresh for several days. If we don’t want to feel troublesome by changing this fresh flower for every certain time, putting fake flower is okay. It’s less maintenance.

Fireplace Corner Designs

Third idea is putting family photo. Family photo with good frame is good to be put above this fireplace corner mantel. Photo of kids birthday or family events are good to be chosen. Every time sitting near this fireplace, these photos will remind about sweet events with family.

Fourth idea is bookshelves. This idea is fit for people who like reading book. Besides for decorating this fireplace corner mantel, this bookshelves will create well educated impression from this family for guests.

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