4 Amazing Theme Ideas For Teenager

Teenager is young person whose age is 13-19. Sometime they are called young adult. In this age period, their physical, emotion and mental experience changing. We can call it puberty. On this situation, they look for identity for them self. Their mind and soul are fulfilled with dream and imagination. To decorate their room, it has to adapt with their mind and soul. Everything that will give new dreaming will interest them. Here are four teenager room ideas with four theme options, specially for girls. These theme are fashion theme, garden theme, music theme and Alice in wonderland theme.

Teenager Room Ideas

First theme is fashion theme. Every girls like fashion. Several teenager room ideas with this theme are installing wallpaper on the wall with fashion models picture are walking on cat walk. Other ideas are decorate pillow with high heel picture and perfume picture, installing mirror with frame like girl hair shape and installing table lamp with body lamp like mannequin.

Teenage Room Ideas For Small Rooms

Second theme is garden theme. Every girls love beautiful flowers. So, what can we do with this theme? Good example teenager room ideas with this garden theme are installing bedding, blanket and pillow with floral theme in cheerful color. It can also be done on window curtain. Other good ideas are installing mirror with frame in flower shape, installing fan with fan like leaf, installing hanging lamp with flower shape. Wall can be decorated with sticker and stencil. There are many floral theme options for sticker and stencil.

Teenage Room Decor

Third theme is music theme. There are a lot of girls that have dream to be pop queen. They imagine someday will be like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and soon. Applying this theme can be done by installing music star sticker on the wall, installing wall clock with golden record shape, installing poster with music star pictures, installing rug with piano picture and so on.

Fourth theme is Alice in Wonderland theme. This is one of favorite movie for a lot of girls. It can be done by installing wall clock with this theme picture, decorate cabinet with Alice, Mad Hatter, Red Queen, Tweedle  Dee and Dum dolls. Also we decorate wall with wonderland pictures.

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