3 Powerful Application To Design House

Do you look for application to design for a house? There are three powerful applications to design a house. These three applications are widely used by house designer professional. These applications are AutoCad by Autodesk, SketchUp by Google and 3ds Max by Autodesk. Unfortunately, these applications are not freeware. We have to buy its license to use it, but there are trial version if we want to try first, except SketchUp which gives basic version for free. But pro version is more powerful.  Different with freeware applications, these software are rich with features. Perfect for professional or people who run business on house design and building.

Design For A House

First design for a house application is AutoCad. It’s developed by Autodesk. AutoCad is standard application to design on building industry. AutoCad has many features that we will not find on freeware application. It’s perfect to design 2D and 3D object. It’s perfect to design home building, complete with its size. Planning house structure, floor plan, exterior, roof, door, window and so on can be done perfectly with AutoCad. One of useful feature on AutoCad is Design Center feature. There are still many powerful feature on AutoCad that can be explored.

Graphic Design House

Second design for a house application is SketchUp by Google. It has function to draw 3D home. This function can replace 3D function of AutoCad, if we don’t want to learn AutoCad 3D. There are many people after mastering AutoCad 2D then learn SketchUp to draw 3D design. To operate SketchUp is simpler than AutoCad 3D. SketchUp is able to show home design in 3D view, complete with its color. It’s perfect for small office who run on home building contractor. Even though it can show 3D view, unfortunately it’s still less beautiful than 3ds Max. But the advantage of SketchUp, it’s easier to be learned than 3ds Max.

Interior Design House

Third design for a house application is 3ds Max by Autodesk. It comes from the same developer with AutoCad. It’s ultimate application to draw 3D house design. Its picture rendering result is amazing. It’s perfect for professional architect or people who run house design business. To operate 3ds Max is more difficult than SketchUp, but it produces result better than SketchUp. If prioritize AutoCad is on building planning technically, so 3ds Max is on building design aesthetic.

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