3 Ideas To Decorate Wall

Wall on living room, family room, bedroom and kitchen can be decorated in many ways. Not only by painting it. Good paint quality can make this wall is looked good, but adding an element on the wall is good idea that we can explore. Here 3 ideas to decorate a wall: painting, wall clock and mirror. Mirror? Don’t be surprised. Beautiful mirror such as oval Venetian mirror can have two functions, it’s to reflect and decorate a room. This is not ordinary mirror. This mirror has beautiful frame. This is beautiful wherever they are installed.

Oval Venetian Mirror

Painting is good idea. Most common painting is oil painting. If we have extra money, we can buy original painting from famous painter. It’s great. It can beautify and increase our social status. But, maybe it’s not a must. Good painting from ordinary painter is also looked good. To create fresh atmosphere in our room, choose painting with colorful style. No matter its painting genre, colorful painting style will work well. Use beautiful frame from high quality wood to increase its beauty. If we like some amazing paintings from Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Monet, Picasso and so on, we can buy repro version or printing version. It’s less cheap. Decorate a wall with painting is also less cheap than using oval Venetian mirror.

Large Oval Venetian Mirror

Wall clock is another common wall decoration. Besides this clock serve its main function as time information, it can also for wall decoration element. There are a lot of wall clock types we can buy on the store, from vintage until modern style. Wood and plastic are common wall clock wrap. If we like classic style, wall clock with nautical theme is good idea. If we like modern style, wall clock with plastic wrap can be selected. But, I think classic style with high quality wood as clock wrap is better. It’s looked more stylish and luxurious. High quality wall clock can be good installed anywhere like oval Venetian mirror.

Arch Top Venetian Mirror

Oval Venetian mirror is beautiful wherever they are. This is exclusive product. It comes from Venetian, Italia. It’s made by mirror expert. It’s art work, not for reflecting face only. It’s produce in limited amount, it’s so why it’s not cheap.

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