3 Ideas To Decorate Girl Bedroom

Do you want to decorate your girl bedroom? Here are three simple ideas we can considered. These are wall color, ornaments and rearrange furniture. A good girl bedroom design can adapt these ideas. Starting from color. All girls love soft colors. There are five favorite colors for girl. These colors are pink, white, green, purple and grey.  Pink is most popular color for girl bedroom. It reflects romantic and tranquility. Wherever we choose, one of these colors can be set as primary color. Then other complement colors can be generate from color wheel.

Girl Bedroom Design

If we want to change its color but we don’t want to pain this girl bedroom wall, we can use other way. We can replace old bedding with different color style bedding. Or we can replace old carpet with new carpet. Both bedding and carpet can be used to give color from this room. So, when we make girl bedroom design, we should understand that apply color choosing does not always mean by painting this bedroom wall with certain color. But, we can use bedroom element to show its color theme. But it’s better that old bedroom wall color will not destroy new color theme.

Girl Bedroom Furniture

Second idea is ornament. Similar with bedding and carpet, ornament choosing can show its color theme. We can decorate this bedroom wall with sticker or wallpaper. For example if we choose pink as color theme on this girl bedroom design, then we can select wallpaper with pink theme. On the store we can find many various theme. Wallpaper with floral theme, but in pink color is perfect for this bedroom wall.

Girl Bedroom Design Ideas

Third idea is rearrange furniture. Maybe to decorate or make over girl bedroom only need rearrange of all furniture there. It’s for avoiding bored feeling. It can be done by removing all furniture from this bedroom, then to rearrange this furniture can be started from big furniture such as bed and wardrobe. After we get the right position, then other smaller furniture can be arranged.

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