3 Design Ideas To Build Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanity is important stuff on bathroom. This small appliance on the market can be bought on hundreds until thousands dollar. There are many choice there. If we have extra money and want to decorate or remodel bathroom, this appliance can be considered to be used. If we want to save money and feel how to build a bathroom vanity, we can do it by our self. What we need is design concept. All of wonderful products are started from this point. Design, model, style and material for bathroom vanity later is depended on bathroom theme we will develop. Different theme need different bathroom vanity type. Below are three examples beautiful bathroom vanities. Each of them represent different bathroom theme. We can adapt its design concept, modify and then build by our self.

Build A Bathroom Vanity

First picture show beautiful bathroom vanity in purple color. Actually this bathroom vanity has simple design and shape. What make this become special because in front side there’s carving ornament in white color. This white and purple color can be so harmonized in this bathroom vanity. Then it’s decorated with flower in purple color vase. Wall lamp, mirror with frame in metal silver style and stainless steel towel holder complete this bathroom vanity beauty. Maybe build a bathroom vanity like this is difficult, but we can take the main idea behind this design and then develop new design based on the same design concept. This style is fit for bathroom with romantic theme.

Built Bathroom Vanity

Second picture show modern bathroom vanity in modern style with soft green color. This style is fit for bathroom with cool theme. This design is such as simple cabinet. Other cabinet and oval mirror with green ornamental frame decorate this bathroom vanity. Similar with first bathroom vanity, it’s also completed white basin with metal style faucet. This design represent modernity and simplicity. This soft green color make us feel calm, relax and comfortable here. If we like this atmosphere, it can be our choice. Simple but very useful. Even it can be gotten on affordable price. Build a bathroom vanity like this will not difficult. It has rectangle and box shape. It just need high quality wood and finishing technique.

Build Bathroom Cabinet

Last picture represent living in natural environment. This bathroom vanity show its natural wood texture in dark brown color. This design combine modern and natural elements. Stainless steel basin and faucet reflect modern style and dark brown and black wood reflect natural style. This appliance is looked harmonized when it’s combined with dark brown paint color on this bathroom. This style is fit for bathroom with modern and back to nature style.

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