3 Advantages Of Log Home Plans

Log home plans have several advantages. These advantages are eco friendly, less pollution and healthier living. This home is built use wood as main material. It contains less chemical elements that we meet on general building materials. It means this home is more natural than other conventional home. Log home plans are answer for global warming issue. This home is safe for environment. Living on log home is felt more shady naturally. Choose living on log home means helping to create clean world. On log industry, there are not waste. The waste here is zero. Un used wood here is processes for many purposes like wood floor.

Log Home Plans

These log home plans are also less pollution. Living on log home is living on simple way. Usually there are not much electronic products here. It means less electromagnetic field pollution that can cause some modern diseases, such as head ache. Besides that living here is healthier, because usually a log home is built on natural environment with fresh and water. It’s healthier for human body. More than that, living here make us free from complicated mind, so it can make us feel calm, less stress and relax. It’s also healthier for human emotion.

Log Home Plans With Loft

But these log home plans has several threats. It must be protected from termite, fire, mildew and humidity. One of biggest threat for wood is termite attack. Several wood type has naturally character to be withstand from termite attack and termite is not interested to attack it. It’s happen if this wood is strong and hard. However it’s good to consider this factor. Find the right chemical component to protect from termite.

Luxury Log Home Plans

Fire is other big threat for wood. Fire can burn log home in short time. So, be careful with fire. Don’t leave home before checking fireplace mantel and candle. Turn off first to prevent from some possibilities. Avoid installing hanging lamp with kerosene as its fuel. It has bigger risk than hanging lamp with electric lamp. Mildew can grow on humid place, so make sure there are enough lamps to warm up room to prevent mildew growth.

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